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Δρ. Ιωάννης Σουκιούρογλου

Σύντομο Βιογραφικό Σημείωμα

Ioannis Soukiouoglou is an business oriented executive, with over 40 years of experience in the areas of Strategic Planning, Business Consultancy, Business Development, Supply Chain Management, Procurement Management, Business Process Re-engineering, Cluster Management, Logistics (System & Business) Management, Logistics Engineering, Budgeting, and Quality Management.

His education includes B.Sc., in Mechanical Engineering – MBA, “Program for Management Executives” and PhD, “Doctor of Diploma in Business Administration”.

Since 1981 he served different companies, within the Latsis Group of companies (in Greece, Saudi Arabia and China), from various positions, such as: Mechanical Piping Engineer (Oil Refinery), Procurement Manager (Oil Refinery), Supply Chain Consultant, Senior Logistics Consultant, Commercial Manager, Managing Director (Cluster), CEO, Board Member, Chairman of the Board.

Among others he studied, proposed and implement a program for Logistics Management improvements, by consulting in both, logistics management and computer – based logistics management systems, comprehensive on line different modules (maintenance – warehouse/inventory – purchasing – accounting), covering all companies belong to the same group, including shipping, trading, oil refining, aviation and banking.
This scope has been composed with ISO 9000 in mind and all activities are complementary to achieve a stable quality management system, over viewing in the same time opportunities as such Business Process Reengineering, Document and Workflow Management and Systems Integration (Contract Management).

With his knowledge and experience he has managed all stages of business development for various projects, from the Vision and Strategic Plan to implementation, operation up to liquidation.

In parallel has served the EEL as Chairperson (1996 – 1998) and the SOLE The International Society of Logistics as Executive Board Member (1999 – 2003) (Vice President International Europe) and the SOLE Europe The International Society of Logistics as President (2000 – 2003).

He is 8th winner of Paralympic games and he has awarded as Honorary Citizen of Athens Municipality – Freedom of the City